Thursday, March 29, 2012


I recently borrowed the film Romeos from the library. It was probably the best portrayal of a transman I've ever seen. They packed a lot of trans personalities into one character, but it was the truest I've seen.

Lukas' character struggles with passing and staying stealth. He has to confront his selfishness in transition and try to be a friend to others.

He is not always a very likable character, but he is very real. Some of his flaws are ones I share.

And besides dealing with being trans, he also struggles with being gay. And the inevitable question arises "Why be a guy? If you like guys, it'd be easier to be a girl." This is a question I dread, though I've never actually encountered it personally.

The film was in German with English subtitles, so it was at times hard to follow. But this should not be a deterrent.

The best part (and another indication of foreign origin) is that it doesn't have a sad ending like most other queer movies.

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated

I've just watched the documentary "This Film has not yet been Rated." It's available on Netflix. It was eye-opening in many ways. Of course I'd heard some of the information from a variety of sources, but seeing how everything was so connected was certainly a plus.

There were two main things that appalled/interested me most. One was the emphasis on sex as opposed to violence in giving harder rating and the other is gay (or "different") sex vs. straight sex.

The documentary highlighted several movies to show this point. Boys Don't Cry was originally given an NC-17 rating. The reason was not because of (SPOILERS) rape or a shot to the head. The reason was because of a long orgasm scene (a woman's orgasm, I might add) and the character wiping his face after going down on the woman. The theatrical version of the film was edited to fit an R rating, apparently taking those scenes out. However, the other violent ones are still certainly there.

This one film demonstrates both of my points, I think. That any non-missionary position sex is obscene, and that sex is far worse for youth than violence.

Europe's idea is opposite. They promote safe sex and restrict violence.

And we wonder why America is so intent on war and not love.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Lion King

I've just seen the Lion King in theaters again. I didn't want to go to the 3D show, but that's essentially all that was playing. First 3D movie I've ever been to.

And the 3D was fun, not necessary, but interesting. The best shot was at the end when Simba and Scar fight and Scar jumps though the flames. I got chills.

I love the Lion King, I have since I first saw it when I was in second grade. I love the music especially. Hans Zimmer has always been able to strike the right chord. And of course Elton John's contributions are not to be overlooked. It's an astounding soundtrack.

I love Scar. As many know, I'm a huge fan of baddies. Not all baddies, just the good ones. That is, the ones that are developed well and make you love to hate them and hate to love them. I love Scar because he's conniving. He can talk his way into and out of (almost) anything. Yes, he's awful, he cares about no one but himself, but he's great at it. Jeremy Irons was the perfect actor for his voice. It is so recognizable too. I watched a movie with him in it (The Mission) several years after the Lion King was released and I knew instantly that it was him. It was Scar.

I think about Disney animations and realize that not many of them generally star big name actors. The Lion King does. And I don't think they they became big name after the fact. Rowan Atkinson, James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick: fantastic.

And that's my gush about one of my favorite movies of all time.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

(spoilers, always)

Firstly, this movie was very entertaining, and also very hokey. It reminded me of Firefly in that way, but not nearly so funny or endearing.

Secondly, Daniel Craig rides like a Brit, not like a cowboy at all. Still, I want his body. I think I'll start wearing a vest everywhere.

Thirdly: Harrison Ford has not aged well.

Fourthly: Sam Rockwell is in a lot of sci/fi movies. And he generally plays the same role.

I don't want to write a great deal about the movie, it was pretty much as was to be expected. A decent plot and basic characters. I was disappointed in Paul Dano's character. The character (Percy) was very unlikable, but I like Dano and wished to see more of him. There was at least one scene that made me roll my eyes. A lot. It had to do with 13 (I will always call Olivia Wilde this) pulling a Jesus. Then there was the basic racism. I thought that is was not PC to make Native Americans look dumb and weak. Ultimately, it was the tough old white guy's plan that succeeded and not the weathered Apache warrior's. Ah well. The cute furry thing lives, but most of the horses don't.

Lastly: 007 and 13 both have stunning eyes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Lord of the Rings is meant for theaters. It was astounding to see the extended version of the Fellowship on the big screen. Yes, it was really long. And, yes, I've seen it dozens of times, but it was amazing nonetheless. After I see the other two, I'll write about them more comprehensively.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prayers For Bobby

I want to get back into reviewing movies I’ve seen. Digesting them on paper for others to help with the processing.

Prayers for Bobby was mostly sad. And also very real. Not just in the sense that it was based on a true story, but that it mirrored my life in some ways. I could see some of my mother in Sigourney Weaver. And that simultaneously discouraged me and gave me hope.

Sigourney Weaver’s character undergoes quite a drastic paradigm shift. The movie is about her and not the character of Bobby, though he is surely the center.

I will probably spoil the movie from here on out, fair warning.

So Bobby comes from a rather large and very loving Christian family. A very Christian family. He and his brother and two sisters quote Bible verses with their mother and seem genuinely close and happy. But Bobby is actually rather unhappy, as he comes to the realization that he may be gay and what that means to the family dynamic.

I remember that feeling well. Struggling over what I’d been taught my entire life, and what I had begun to feel. I did not know how to reconcile my past with my present to pick my future. I knew all the verses. I knew all of my mother’s arguments.

My family was nowhere near as close as the family in the film, but we were just as devout I think.

My mother, like Sigourney Weaver’s character, tried to convince me that I was wrong by using the Bible. She insisted that I had a choice and that it could be really simple with God’s help.

But I, like Bobby, found that it wasn’t a choice at all. And God wasn’t making anything less difficult.

Ultimately, Bobby cannot deal with the pressure on all sides. He knows that he is gay. He love another guy. He also loves his family. He goes a way I’ve only barely entertained.

His mother has a very hard time with her son’s suicide. She believes that he died a sinner and therefore could be in hell. Yet, she knows her son to be a genuinely good person. And so she has a huge struggle to come tot terms with the fact that God can still love and save homosexuals.

That scene was the most powerful of the film. When the mother realizes, that she, and her harsh beliefs, were what drove her son to take his life.

From that point onward, the film was hopeful. Sigourney Weaver’s character becomes a member of PFLAG and marches in honor of the memory of her son.

I am debating whether or not I should recommend this film to my parents. I don’t want them to think that I am in any way suicidal, as I certainly am not and really have never been. But I do want them to see how some of their arguments do much more harm than good. I think that my dad would understand. I think that my mother would just think it was gross propaganda.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Movies I want to review, but haven't yet:


The Fountain

The Constant Gardener

Green Street Hooligans



Slumdog Millionaire

Whale Rider

V for Vendetta

(yes, I realize many of those are very old)

I own a good majority of these movies (and I tend to only own movies I like very much.) Someday I'll review them. They need it.